Goose Down & Quilted Sofa that would keep you warm

Brilliant! I absolutely adore this big, cushy, comfy, plushy sofa from Gervasoni. The Nuvola collection consists of a lounge chair and sofa from a multilayer and solid wood frame, upholstered with differentiated density polyurethane foam covered by a goose down and polyester fibre quilting. All this and the covers are removable for easy washing.

Can you imagine coming home after a long ass day from school, work, or whatever it is that stresses you the hell out – plop your big ass onto that there couch, kick up your heels, and just go all fetal until you wake up and realize it’s way past dinner and pretty much bedtime? That’s when you know a nap was really worth it. Totally knocks you out.

I want the whole collection. I want the sofa in grey and lounge chair in blue. Why should the TV take center stage in my living room? It’s all about seating people. Cozy, inviting and I’m sure CRAZY expensive so if anyone at Gervasoni is reading this… hook me up? Cheers!
Source : YankoDesign

Khurram Mirza

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