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Creative DIY Chandelier from Simple Materials

We have a new article just for you. Tell us? Did you ever want to have a creative yet stylish chandelier? A Creative DIY Chandelier made using Boho Fringes and embroidery hoops. Now You must be thinking that might cost you a lot, Right? Well, Not actually. You can make this Unique and Creative DIY Chandelier for your home under 25$. Cheap and Beautiful is what we have for you today. We know you have surfed the internet seeing ideas about DIY Chandeliers here and there but who’s going to build them? Either they take too much time, are costly or are fragile. Well, we got you, Here is the Home Decor Inspirational idea you’ve been looking for till now. Your very own DIY Chandelier made up from embroidery hoops. Yes, You heard us right. We are going to show you how to use simple embroidery hoops to make a beautiful and fascinating DIY Chandelier. Let’s get started!

Complete guide Here 

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Amazing DIY Wall Storage from Wooden Boxes

You have a beautiful wall, and you are out of storage in your closets and need a new storage room for your stuff, or You just need to beautify your home and add a nice bit of Creativity and Art on your walls, Either the Case, We gotcha. Here is a Creative DIY Wall Storage Idea using Wooden boxes of different or same sizes ( as per your requirements ). The best thing about this design is that not only it exemplifies your home, but it also adds extra storage space for your stuff or just helps you showcase your decoration more Thoroughly. Let’s get building this DIY Wall Storage, and when you’ve completed this, You’d be thanking us ( Ha Ha ! ) Just kidding, We are only here for you \

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Courtesy: Interesting DIY Ideas

Amazing DIY Enamel Painted Vases for Decoration

We have a very fun and joyous DIY Idea for the painter inside you! You’d love making these  Amazing and Creative DIY Enamel painted vases. You might have seen acrylic colored vases in some restaurants serving as a decoration piece and beautifying the scenery. We got our inspiration from one of the restaurants here in Lahore and decided to make a cost-friendly version of these beautiful yet simple Enamel Painted Vases. These DIY Enamel Painted Vases would make your lounge or living room look better while they look glamorous on the shelf or the top of a table. If you are looking for more Home Decor Ideas like this, 

Check out the instructions Here

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Cheap and Creative DIY Rope Ottomans for Home

We know the struggle you have almost each year after you have to change winter tires to the summer ones, We struggle with recycling them too! We found an idea and We vote this the inspiration the prettiest use for an old tire ever in the history of tires. You might have had a look at abaca ottomans, and they might have been a little too expensive, Don’t worry you can make one your own, That too YOURSELF! These Creative and Amazing DIY Rope Ottomans make the perfect perch for your sunroom, Balcony or seasonal get-togethers.

Check out the whole procedure Here

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Amazing DIY Hanging Shelves for Home Decor

So here I am with yet an another DIY Home Decor Idea for you. Imagine, you just bought an exquisite decoration for your lounge or your bedroom, and when you get home, You find out that you have run out of space for decorations or You have actually run out of space and are looking for new ways to make more space. Well, whatever the case, I have brought you a Cute DIY Idea for making Hanging Shelves which will provide room for your decorations and make more storage space for you. Previously we had built these Creative DIY Box Storage for walls but if you want to hang small shelves that would also serve as an art piece then get ready for this Cute DIY Idea. It’s going to awestruck you and amaze you how come you never thought of creating these Creative DIY Hanging Shelves yourself.

See the instructions HERE

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Creative DIY Faux Marble Table

The marble look has had a vital importance in interiors and fashion industries, but we know that marble furnishing can get costly to invest in and is not everyone’s cup of tea. While surfing the web, We discovered a big secret- That secret, However, is known to everyone except few. The Secret is using faux marble! You can create this fabulous, Cheap and Creative DIY Faux Marble Table on a budget! This table would look like it’s made up of marble, but actually, It would just be a marble contact paper that’s going to do the job of the marble slab. This Creative DIY Faux Marble Table would rock up your Home Decor so that you awestruck your friends and family with creativity and design.

See the whole procedure and requirements HERE

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Make a Beautiful DIY Hanging Photo Wall

I know you have beautiful walls in your house, But, What if I told you I have a great DIY Idea that would beautify your living room? You must have captured photos on your phone or your PC that never get printed, Right? Amazing memories that you’d love to see again and again and cherish those beautiful moments. Why don’t you put them in front of your eyes so that you see them and get joyful? So back in the day, I came up with this simple idea that why don’t we hang our pictures we love, On the wall creatively? I thought and figured out this Interesting yet simply beautiful DIY Hanging Photo Wall Idea so that we can hang our memories on the wall in a fashionable and modern way.

Check out the instructionsHere.

Courtesy: Interesting DIY Ideas