A Knife Holder which is More Dangerous Than the Blades

Are you bored by the conventional ho-hum design of a traditional wooden knife block? If you like everything on your kitchen counter to be a conversation piece, you can't go wrong with this Spicy Magnum Knife Set, featuring six entwined knife holders that look like they're all holding each other up.

The Knife holder looks more like a weapon for ninjas to throw. We would assume that assassins would like to throw these weapons. Al tough its just a Knife that looks very scare while its very creative . you can also buy this set just for $122 which comes with five blades including a meat knife, a fish knife, a fruit knife, a vegetable knife, a bread knife, and a bonus serving and carving fork.  The cutlery's handles blend perfectly into the rest of the knife holder when inserted, but keep in mind that also means you can't use your own blades or expand its arsenal. its just a set which accommodates its blades no other can be added into and expanded . Not to mention the fact that this is the first knife block we've seen that could actually cause more injuries than the knives inside. It is very dangerous that could place serious and deep cuts .

Khurram Mirza

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