Rocker Cradle by Scott Morrison

This 18th century style Windsor Nanny Rocker uses a classic rocking chair design as a basis. In addition to the classical elements of this chair here you can see that this design has some different shapes for the cradle base. The rail follows the shape of the base, but also has a shape of its own, making it different from a basic rocking chair. To add more effect to the chair it would be interesting to create spindles that would connect with the asymmetry of the base and the rail. These spindles must be made in a uniform way in order to accommodate the flow of the rail.

Functional Art is artwork that is meant to be used, enjoyed and has a purpose beyond merely looking nice while hanging on a wall. A Rocking Chair, when crafted and created with an artists hand, transcends the realm of furniture and becomes more. The chair becomes an extension of the craftsman and creator; it becomes functional art.

Source:  finewoodworker

asif mehmood

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