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Awesome Muffin tin recipes

I love this idea so much, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite muffin pan recipes. Enjoy

1.Buttermilk Biscuit Fantails
Outstanding! these are elegant and beautiful without being unmanageable even for the yeast-challenged. thanks, tracy!.The cool thing about these rolls is that they look fancy but they're really easy to shape.
"Recipe Here"

2.Cheeseburger Cups.

Always on the lookout for alternative ways to get my cheebie fix (and to float past my wife the fact that we’re eating cheeseburgers… AGAIN), I recently found a recipe for something called Cheeseburger Cups.
"Recipe Here"

3.Jumbo Burger Cup
Try a biscuit cup filled with burger fixin's, a whole new way to enjoy a dinnertime classic.Very easy to make, remarkably tasty. Great dish for a family of four -You would thoroughly enjoye this them. 
"Recipe Here"

4.Mini Tortilla Crust Pizzas,

Every bite is bursting with cheesy flavor! I know this isn’t exactly a ‘traditional’ deep dish pizza, as the cheese and pepperoni are on top of the sauce, but I decided to give these little pizzas a ‘deep dish’ name because of the enormous amount of sauce and cheese packed into these little guys! The crust for these hand-held pizzas are made from whole wheat wraps, which bake up nice and crispy, so they taste a lot like a thin crust! I added parmesan cheese and spices to the sauce, so every bite is bursting with cheesy flavor! You could add any toppings you’d traditionally have on your pizza to make them even more personalized! 
"Recipe Here"

5.Bacon cups
That is the greatest thing I have ever seen! It would be good for breakfast if you put scrambled eggs inside.
"Recipe Here"

6.Mini Lasagna Cups.
Really? Lasagna-itas? Wow! Must try very soon I love this idea – quick, easy, and healthy They are simple to make, yet just amazingly flavorful and for sure everyone would loved them.
"Recipe Here"

7.Lasagna Pasta Pies

Looking for a tasty dinner? Then check out these cheesy lasagna pasta pies made using Pillsbury Grands! biscuits and Italian sausage - perfect if you love Italian cuisine.SOURCE
Lasagna Pasta Pies


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